Saturday, November 19, 2011

Venice Vampyr: The Beginning nominated for Award - Please vote

My collection of 3 erotic, historical Vampire Novellas was nominated for Best Erotic Paranormal (Vampire) on The Romance Reviews.

If you have read this book and would like to vote for it, please visit the button below and follow the link.

Voting is open until November 30, 2011.


The Romance Review


  1. Tina, I downloaded this book on my iPhone and there was no content. How do I get my money back? I paid $6.99.

  2. Angela, I'm sorry you're having a problem with the file. If you purchased it through Apple ibookstore, you need to ask for a refund from them.

    I previously downloaded a copy to my iPad to test that the file looked all right, and all pages were there.

    Please ask Apple to trouble shoot it for you.

  3. Anglea,
    and if Apple is giving you any trouble, just send me your purchase receipt (email) and I'll send you the epub file. my email is