Friday, November 18, 2011

Author Sharon Hamilton and Heavenly Lover

Today, my RWA sister, author Sharon Hamilton is here and has brought us her debut novel Heavenly Lover. If you stay till the end of the interview, there will be a giveaway.

Tina: You started writing relatively late in life. Please tell your readers what inspired you to put pen to paper.

Sharon: I’d always wanted to be a writer. Actually started writing in grade school, and have kept a journal ever since I was 5.

But life has a funny way of getting in the way, plus, I didn’t like what I wrote when I was young. I felt I didn’t have enough life experience. At that time, I was reading mainly classics. Romance was never talked about in my household. In fact, I never knew it existed. I thought it was porn. (tee hee)

After raising 4 children and having a successful sales career for some 25 years, our house burned down. Overnight, everything changed for us. So did my focus. I was relocated to an 800 sf apartment while my husband had to stay up on the property to take care of our animals. I started writing December 15th 2008 and basically never went back to work!

All I can say now is that I’m glad I never discovered the joys of being a novelist while my kids were little. I would have sucked at being a mom and wife.

Tina: When most paranormal authors write about vampires and werewolves, you write about angels. Please tell us more about this world you've created.

Sharon: The house fire was really divine providence. I started thinking how really lucky I was at having to start all over. I actually started dreaming about angels, guardian angels in particular.

Then this story came to me in a dream. The rough outline of it just poured out. I went to bed when I got tired, got up and wrote. Went to bed with the story ideas, and woke up with the solutions. I became intrigued with the idea that a guardian angel, sent to save a human from committing suicide, could fall in love with a human. What would she feel? Would she risk her immortality, or worse, risk his soul to experience this forbidden love?

Although I like other beings and am working on 2 Navy SEAL romances, as well as 2 vampire romances, angels, at least the way I write angels, are not portrayed anywhere else the way my story shows them. I’ve watched movies and read other books, and no one shows them the way I do. As a writer, you have to love your work, and I do.

I also like the idea that angels have free will. My premise is this: Heaven isn’t 100% perfect by design. The Underworld isn’t 100% evil by accident.

My angels challenge and test this theory.

Tina:  In Heavenly Lover your hero tries to commit suicide at the very beginning of the book. This seems a hard sell for romance readers. How are you making sure that your hero is still a man a woman can look up to?

Sharon: Daniel, who is based on the actor Rodrigo Santoro (I have a video of him on my blog site in a commercial with Nicole Kidman), is a normal, Brazilian-born painter with tons of talent, but, like most artists, doubts his genius. He isn’t a weak man plagued by insecurities. He’s been targeted and preyed on for several months by a talented dark angel and his female accomplice. This creates in Daniel fear, doubt and insecurities, making him a prime candidate for suicide. The dark angel stages this so just the perfect things happen that send him over the edge.

Claire gets the emergency job. She is called in because she has a 100% track record saving humans. And, her unconventional ways are thought to be a good fit against the powerful and cunning dark angel.

Away from the negative influence of the dark angel, and with the help of his guardian, the fullness and passion of Daniel’s life blooms back. And that is what the guardian falls in love with.

Tina:  What plans do you have for this series? What other books are planned?

Sharon: The next book, being edited now, and hopefully uploaded just in time for the Holidays, is Underworld Lover. It is the story of the villain in Heavenly Lover, Joshua, a sexy and powerful dark angel, who falls in love with a human woman whose soul he cannot take. As in Heavenly Lover, the dark angel must make a decision in order to save the woman he loves.

Tina: What does your writing day look like?

Sharon: I get up usually between 4-5 AM, write until almost 6. I go back to my writing desk about 9 and write until noon. In the afternoon I do editing of completed works, if I don’t have other work to do for my husband’s real estate business. I also like to write before bedtime, especially if I haven’t made my daily word count of 2000-3000. On weekends I try to use the hours for polishing and editing the work I’ve done during the week.

Fridays are my “off days” where I go do something like visit a winery, an art gallery or watch movies with my husband.

Tina: Is there anything else you want your readers to know about you?

Sharon: My angel books are not in any way religious. The Heaven/Underworld I have created and the characters that live there are my own twisted spin, like a fractured fairy tale on the Bible and some biblical stories. But good always triumphs over evil. True love always conquers all.

True Love Heals in the Gardens of the Heart.

I like to think I have a direct connection to my higher power, but I fully admit, my antenna is bent.

Thank you, Tina, for having me. This book is partially dedicated to you. After all, I can’t thank you enough for having to suffer through some of my early versions of it!

And now to the Giveaway:
I will give away 2 Kindle copies of Heavenly Lover. All you have to do is comment on this blog and what comes to mind when you think of angels and romance.
Giveaway open internationally.

Want to find out more about Sharon? Check out her blog and her website:


  1. Sharon, I've known parts of your story but really enoyed this fuller picture. You are clearly making up for any lost time with your intense writing schedule and productivity. The essence of what you do is that you have a terrific way with emotions and writing about them from your heart. Thanks for this.

  2. Great interview. What a story! I'm sure that throughout all that has happened, your experiences only made you a stronger person. Tina is right, I usually only read about vampires and werwolves, and most recently Greek Gods. But this story sounds so interesting. It kind of reminds of the movie City of Angels with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. Being Catholic when I was growing up I was just taught that angels were there just to watch over us. Your spin on it gives it so much more of a real and beautiful love story. Can't wait to read this book. Hope you have much success, you deserve it. Nicole Garcia.

  3. Sharon, Thanks for sharing these amazing details about your life and your work. Of course, I didn't know about the crisis that released your creativity OR how your sensitivity to destiny and angels helped define your novels. Thanks for sharing the layers of meaning in your paranormal romance! Best of luck to you.

  4. Thanks Arletta. I do feel these things in my heart first. Trick is getting them on paper!

    Nicole, what wonderful words for a writer to hear! I saw the City of Angels (of course) and IMHO they ruined the story. Of course, our romances have an HEA, but many of the sensual things in COA are nice. My artist is a painter, not a potter, so they first meet in a shower with citrus shower gel. She gets as close to the paper as she can to feel how his fingers mani[pulate the color, and feel his breath on her face.

    Kate, I think some of the best things that have happened to me are not planned-or at least not planned by me. The good vs. evil will always be a theme in my writing, too, but lends itself well to angels. And 'tis the season!

  5. Hmmm when I think of angels and romance, I think of something sweet and everlasting. An innocent love and something special and to be cherished.

  6. Quite right. But Heaven doesn't have the variety that the human world does. And that's what the angel learns she was created for.

    Something special and cherished for sure. But with two beings from different planes, they have to live in one world or the other, in order to be together.

  7. Reposted from Goodreads:
    Hi Tina and Sharon!

    I just loved reading your interview about the book. It is an interesting concept that the hero is so desperate that he wants to commit suicide.

    Since I started regarding paranormal romance books I see angels as strong powerful beings that can have intense sexual and sensual feelings for a human. Not in the alpha sense but more in the way a panther slowly approaches his prey. That is how I see them approach the one that they love.

    Thanks for this giveaway!


    Ollie aka DarkBloodyVamp

  8. Hey Ollie, I think the dark angels are more alpha, but yes, sexual beings! I mean, what would be more beautiful than sex with an angel? They have desires (some memories) that are human, and for some, Heaven is too vanilla. We'll learn more about how all this works in successive books being edited now. Some of them will find pieces of their families and old lives.

    Thanks for your great comments.

  9. And the winners are:

    Ollie and Nicole!

    the winners will be contacted directly

  10. When I think of Angels and Romance I think of love conquers all. And I pray I'm right about that!