Thursday, January 13, 2011

Warning Labels on my Books

Dear Readers,

when I put warning labels on my books, I really do mean what I say.

Venice Vampyr carries the following warning label: This vampire novella is sexually more explicit than my other books. So, if you're a little squeamish about things like voyeurism and other sexual taboos, it's safe to assume you won't like this one.

It appears that a reader on B&N did not heed my warning and read the book anyway, and then promptly gave me a 1-star review because she couldn't take it. That's why the warning is there in the first place: I know that not everybody likes their sex quite as steamy and uninhibited as my characters do. So I try to warn people when things might be beyond what some readers can tolerate.

By the way, I do wear this 1-star review like a badge of honor. It's almost as good as being banned by the Catholic Church!

Happy reading!


  1. I'm set to read Venice Vampyr this weekend because I'm scheduled to review it for its tour on the Book Lovin' Bitches Ebook Tours, so this just makes me want to read it more! Wear that review with pride.

    Thanks for your writing! I've read two of your books so far and have loved both of them!


  2. Selena,
    hope you enjoy it. That reader might have actually done me a favor: controversial books sell better!
    Looking forward to your review!

  3. It's true, I know many readers who zero in on the 1 star reviews!

    I personally adore the ones that are all "this book was so porno, it was disgusting" when the book in question is inevitably something exceptionally tame, like Mary Balogh. I'm guessing in those cases they saw them on a list of supposedly clean books.

  4. Maybe those people should read the new "bonnet rippers". Hopefully they'll be tame enough for them.