Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cover Dilemma

You all know, of course, that as a writer I'm constantly second guessing myself and wondering what I'm doing right or wrong. And that I'm totally insecure. So, here's my little dilemma right now:

All my three Scanguards Vampires romances are doing well, however, the two that are selling best are Samson's Lovely Mortal and Gabriel's Mate. Both of those novels have a couple on the cover. Amaury's Hellion which only sells about 65% of the copies that the other two sell, has only a man on the cover. So, now I'm thinking, is it the cover? Do I need to put a cover out there that shows a couple?

Here's Amaury's current cover, and next to it is the new proposed cover. What's more appealing? Also, what do you think of the blue background? It can easily be changed to something else. Any color suggestions are welcome too.

Okay, here is what the new cover would look like with a red background:


  1. I like the current/first/black one better. The second one (blue background) is bright and catches your attention but it looks a little off. Where's the bottom half of her body (under the covers?)? The boob also looks like it's missing a nipple. Other then that, it looks really nice. But I'm always for hot guys on my covers. . If I'm being too harsh, sorry, it's the artist in me.

  2. I do like the new cover, but am thinking more of a blood red (true blood not just red) background instead of blue. I do like the second cover better though :). It's definitely more drawing.

    Hope that helps,


  3. I like the first one better...but truth be told...they both are a bit dull. They almost seem generic. When surfing online for ebooks, the covers are what usually cause me to stop and look a good amount of the time.

    I think a good part of the appeal is when a cover is thematic to it's content. For example...looking at either of those covers, it is not apparent that it is about vampires. There is no mysterious appeal or genre appeal. When I look at the first cover, it looks to be more, I would most likely surf over it. The next one looks to be more of a contemporary erotica than paranormal. So, in most cases I would surf over it as well. I also think that it should have some kind of image and font effects. But, that is just me.

    I also like when books in a series are universal is some it layout, colors, a series logo...

    These are just my personal feelings and observations. I just think the covers should reflect the awesome content in the books they represent.

  4. you've got a point there, Lori. maybe I should talk to a cover artist.

  5. Okay, I contacted a cover artist - let's see what ideas she has.