Monday, January 3, 2011

Venice Vampyr: Final Affair now available!!!

Venice Vampyr: Final Affair, the second installment in my new historical erotic vampire novella series, is now available for purchase at:


Venice, Italy - early 1800s

Viola has been given three months to live but she refuses to die a virgin. She travels to Venice where she wants to experience physical pleasure with a man without causing a scandal for her family. Afterwards, she plans to take her own life to ensure she exits the world painlessly and with dignity. Unfortunately, the man she meets in a disreputable club couldn’t be a worse choice for her plans.

Dante, a hedonistic vampire, saves Viola from a violent rake. To stop her from seeking out even more dangerous men to find carnal pleasures, he offers her a night of passion in his arms, only to discover she’s a virgin.

Viola flees, disdainful of the sex act and determined to end her life. Horrified, Dante stops Viola from harming herself and proceeds to deliver the pleasure he promised – one kiss and one touch at a time until she’s ready to take all of him, over and over again. Until events force Dante’s hand ...

Erotic vampire novella - approx. 124 pages / 28,000 words. The book is illustrated with pictures of Venice from the author's personal collection. Again, this novella is sexually explicit.

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