Saturday, February 5, 2011

I should be ashamed of myself

Today I'd like to share a couple of 1-star reviews I received yesterday: one for Gabriel's Mate and one for Venice Vampyr. I just wanted to drive my point home again: my novels are not for the faint of heart - and the warnings on the books' descriptions say as much! Yet, people who clearly can't take the graphic nature of my sex scenes keep on buying them. Is it so that they can complain about them later?

So here are the reviews. Both are from the same reader who clearly took issue with the sexual nature of my books.

Review for Gabriel's Mate (verbatim - so don't blame me for the typos):
Disgraceful Novel
This novel was absoluetly horrible. Its explict scenes were over bearing and sick! I was expecting a romance novel not some tripple X book! And the worse part is that I was dumb enough to buy 2 books by Tina Folsom. How could this woman come up with something as disgusting as this! All I am is saying to eager readers looking for a good romance novel, bypass this book and this author as a whole. This is a disgrace to literature. Actually this is not even literature at all.

Review for Venice Vampyr (word for word):
This book was sick and a disgrace it is completly disgusting and perverse! Who would write thia sort of thing? Absoluetly reckless! Poor decision to write this on Tina Folsoms part. She should be ashamed.

And yes, I should be ashamed of myself - right after I stop laughing. Because by calling  my books triple X, this reader is only driving up my sales. And no, I'm not looking to win a Pulitzer prize - I write to entertain people.

For all of you who do enjoy a steamy read, you know where to buy my books: Barnes & Noble and Amazon


  1. My question is don't they see the warnings, I know I have and I have to ask did she actually read Gabriel's Mate because there is a story line there and nothing more than you would see in movies now.

    I promise you there are several of us that do love what you write.

  2. BLHmistress, that's what I was thinking. It's right there in the description that this was graphic and explicit. Or am I not using the right words? Somebody correct me, please!
    Besides, had she read the reviews, she would have seen another 1-star review who slammed me for the anal sex scene, which I think this woman had an issue with (even though she didn't spell it out).
    Well, I'm not going to censor my books - I promise you and my other readers.

  3. PS. the reviews in question are all on Barnes & Noble.

  4. I personally thought that was hot, it was very tastefully written in my opinion. I surprised she didn't make a comment about his 'issue' lol or did she?

  5. Absoluetly reckless!!!!......LOL

    Yep...I enjoyed every word you wrote in each book.....YUMMY!!!!!!

    Warning labels are there for a reason...For me it mean "Hey this book is gonna be HOT!!!"

    Some people...atleast like you said book sales should go up...I mean everyone will flock to see what is so "DISGUSTING!!!!"

  6. How crazy! This person that wrote that review is probably some religious nitty bitty freak that has her whole body covered and is afraid to hold someones hand because she was told she'd get pregnant - LOL

    No for real, I have read your work Tina and it is outstanding/brillant writing. the fact that the reviewer didn't read the warning on the cover says a lot about her/him/it because they evidently don't know how to read.

    Look on the bright side, if she/he/it read your books then she/he/it got very educated in sex education - lol and the only reason she/he/it didnt give you a 5 star rating was because you taught her something she didn't know and instead of taking it out on her brain washing mentor, she took it out on your book - LOL

  7. Your always going to get them no matter how you write the label. I still get YA book request and I even put NO!! YA in huge letter in my policy, it just comes down that people dont really read they just judge the book by it's cover and then buys it without reading the label first, yep...

  8. Hi...

    I LOVE your book and I am proud of my "perverse" self!?!?!?!?! So, I wrote a response to your critique on B & N. (I couldn't find it on Amazon.)


    Did you not READ the book's description before you bought it?????
    I would highly recommend doing that before buying any books again that you "assume" are just romance books and then writing a
    negative review because, it's not "your style"...
    You know what they say about people who "assume"..."

    You go, girl!! Some people are just ignorant!!

  9. Justducky422, thanks so much! you are so funny!

  10. I really want to buy these books now. I can't tell you how many times I read a review about how dirty and disgusting the book is and I end up buying it :)

  11. Thanks Viking Princess! I'm glad I have readers like you!

  12. Unbelievable!! I loved these books so much I can't believe anyone could say such a thing. I agree with you Laurie there is always someone in the bunch that has something bad to say. WOW! I was thinking the same thing Justducky422 didn't this person read the description? I had to get past several explicit sex boxes prior to purchasing the book.

    I love your writing and books! In fact I can't put them down! I'm starting to look for the Folsom addiction blog LOL!

    Don't let them get to you! Keep doing what your doing! I'm one of your supporters.

  13. LOL - congratulations on two "great" reviews! :) May they continue to drive people to purchase. :)

    (found your site via PW's blog on self-publishing - well done, you!)

  14. Thanks Kate,
    I'm glad you saw the humor in it! :)