Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review: Let the Night Begin by Kathryn Smith

I came across Kathryn Smith's novel when I attended the Romance Writers of America's National Conference in Orlando this year - and I'm very glad I did, because now I have another author I can confidently add to my favorite authors list.

Let the Night Begin is the story of vampire Reign who turned his new bride Olivia into a vampire on their wedding night - mind you, without her permission. Hurt, she leaves him. But thirty years later she needs help when her beloved nephew is kidnapped.

First off, I was very happy to discover that while the plot was interesting, it did not get in the way of the love story. This is truly a paranormal romance, not an urban fantasy masquerading as a romance. The sexual tension between Reign and Olivia sizzles right from the moment they reconnect. Conflict is aplenty: starting with the reason why Olivia asks her estranged husband (for they never got divorced) for help in getting her nephew back. There is plenty of pent-up frustration and anger. The author does an excellent job in showing us how the two of them slowly start trusting each other again, and how their love for each other is as strong as ever.
The sex scenes are hot, and I would recommend keeping a glass of ice water close to douse the flames. Ms. Smith's writing style is very approachable, and while the novel takes place in Victorian England and Scotland, she doesn't go too deeply into superfluous descriptions (thank you!). Vampire lovers will enjoy the various biting scenes - many very sensual and enticing. And the author has given her vampires one interesting traits not as often seen amongst vampires: they can fly.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Dear Readers: Kathryn Smith will be interviewed on my blog in early October.

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