Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving Day ahead

I think it is only once we prepare for a house or apartment move that we realize how complicated our lives have gotten.

My husband and I are just preparing to move out of our condo and into a larger apartment in the next few days, and after putting a list together of all the people and places we have to notify with our new address, I'm stunned.

Over 40 places? And that doesn't include any friends or family. It's all companies like Netflix, Credit Cards, insurance companies, DMV, phone companies, banks, RWA, AAA. You name it, we have it.

I remember my first move in the US in 2000 when I moved from NY to LA. I had three suitcases and a couple of boxes that I shipped cross country, as well as two places to notify of my new address: the only credit card company I had a card from, and my bank. I had no cell phone, no insurances, no memberships at any organizations, no subscriptions.

Eleven years later, I have all the trappings of society. No wonder I'm always so busy, and no wonder I dread this move so much, even though I know we need the extra space. After all, I need a private office to have the peace and quiet I need to continue writing my books now that my husband is at home (early retirement, lucky man!).

So, if I fall off the internet in the next few days you know where I'll be: somewhere with my head buried in a moving box.

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