Friday, May 20, 2011

Why I love Vampires

Here's a guest blog I'm doing over at Fierce Romance today:

Ever since I can think of, vampires have fascinated me. At first when watching Nosferatu, I was scared out of my skull, but when I saw Dracula (the Gary Oldman version), my feelings were entirely different. So I started to examine what I’m truly drawn to when I think of these preternatural creatures. Is it their strength, their superiority, or even their sexuality? Or is it something much more elemental, something much more at the heart of each human’s existence?

Mortality—I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m scared of dying. The thought that I’ll be gone one day, my thoughts and my mind vanishing into thin air as my body decomposes, has me hoping that soon the scientists will invent something that stops the aging process and has us live longer. I feel like bargaining: just an extra 20 years, please. And then I start thinking about the vampires. And it hits me: what attracts me to them is their immortality.

The attraction that lies within that one word is undeniable: immortality. It gives you the chance to see more than just a tiny slice of history. It allows you to be part of different eras, to experience the shifts that span generations. And to constantly change yourself. You can reinvent yourself with each change in society, live so many different lives, and experience everything that’s on offer. Who could resist?

Even in my relatively short life, I’ve seen the world change. When I grew up, there were no computers, and look at us today. Personally, I can’t imagine not having a computer. Plane travel has become common day. Most young people have never seen a rotary phone or used a typewriter. Imagine the changes a vampire would see: to go from a horse-drawn carriage to an automobile to a plane.

But this intimate look into history as a vampire isn’t all that attracts me to this creature. We probably all remember our first love. Who thought it would last forever? (*raises hand*) Yet, it didn’t last. But then later, we find our one true love and we think how could I have wasted all these years? I met my husband when I was already in my mid-thirties. Now we only have a relatively short time left. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that we have eternity with our love, with our soul mate? A vampire has that. When he finds his true love he can say “I love you for eternity.” And mean it.

So maybe that’s what our fascination with vampires (or at least mine) is all about: our fear of mortality, and our wish to love and be loved for eternity.

And that’s why I write vampire romances: my characters will live and love forever.


  1. Hi there, i love your writing, your books & Vampires! i love how you write is so refreshing and passionate between the characters. I understand what you mean about how the vampire character draws an audience in with their immotality and i think thats what we all secretly crave, the feeling of being invincible, Forever young & irrestable to others but at a cost. the male vampire oozes the raw masculinity that is so favourable with us as the female audience and i prefer the classic male vampire that you find in say dracula films, or an interview with a vampire to the new weaker edward cullen vampire in twilight! keep up the amazing writing though and i love your passion! if your interested in checking out a new refreshing and original vampire film, a horror & comedy about a young wedding planner who will do anything to save the guy & her life from being taken over by gothic vampires, silent movie star vampires and vampires hidden in the form of friends, co-workers and strangers then check out, on facebook aswell with,
    Keep up the amazing work!
    love claire x

  2. Thanks Claire, and thanks for the link too.