Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Winners announced!

I ran a contest for two readers to win a free e-copy of Gabriel's Mate (Scanguards Vampires #3). The readers had to leave a customer review for either Samson's Lovely Mortal or Amaury's Hellion on and email me their contact information by end of day December 1 (which is my Dad's birthday).

I'm in a pre-Christmas spirit and have decided to increase the number of winners from 2 to 16. The following readers have won a free e-copy (they are listed by their Amazon reviewer name):

C. Jennings"MatchBox20fan"
Gadget Geek Avid Gardner
Laura Gadbois
Julie Safford
Buch Liebende Mutter
Vampmommy 1979
vampire lover
M. Whitmore "lovetoreadforfun"
Aaron Sweet

All winners will be contacted shortly by email so they can let me know what e-format they prefer for their free book. The following formats will be available: Kindle/mobi, ePub or pdf and the e-copies will be ready to be emailed out by Friday.

Thanks to all participants and reviewers for supporting my writing!

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  1. Wow from 2 to 16, that's really generous! Well done to the Winners!