Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photos from Venice

I just wrote a blog post about Locations over at Indie Urban Fantasy Blog. Check it out.

In addition I'd like to share some photos of Venice which I took last week - don't you think Venice would be a great location for a vampire book?


  1. Amazing pics. It is just how I invisioned it. You know, Italy was never on my wish list of traveling. I was always more of a Stonehenge, and Scotland, and perhaps Ireland wisher. Perhaps New Zeland to, although I heard they have spiders under the toliet seats. (I digress)..But, I have to say it looks lovely in Italy. I can't help but wonder what the air is like. Does it smell salty and clean from the sea and ocean or does it smell midlewy from the water and rot of thebottom of the buildings...I know I am weird. I see doors on the water ways...wear does one wype there feet? Does it flood often? How many people fall in the water?

    Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. Lori,
    I didn't notice a smell - but then it was already November and for once there was no strike of the garbage collectors (which I hear are frequent in Italy). I believe the doors that lead to the canal are only used for deliveries - and yes, it does flood quite often. It rained the day we left Venice, and I was told that St. Mark's Square flooded after that.
    Certainly a beautiful city, even though I couldn't imagine living there.