Friday, October 15, 2010

Soon coming in Paperback

Soon, most of my books will be available in paperback through The following titles will be released in paperback during November:

  • Amaury's Hellion
  • A Touch of Greek
  • Lawful Escort
  • Naked Shorts (Anthology)
They will be priced between $6.99 and $9.99.

More titles will follow in December. The only book currently available in paperback is Samson's Lovely Mortal. I was able to reduce the price for Samson's Lovely Mortal to $8.99 (however, it appears the new price is not reflected on yet - please allow a few more days for this change to filter through.)


  1. I looked at Samsom's lovely Mortal yesterday and it was 8.63 on Amazon, I was thinking about going ahead and ordering it. I would love to see A touch of Greek come out in paperback and the others. I have some friends that only buy paperback and they would love to read your vamprie series. I will spread the word and will be getting mine in paperback also, they are to good not to..

  2. Thanks Laurie, that would be wonderful.
    I'm already preparing the proof for Amaury's Hellion - so it will be available in paperback around Nov 15th (priced at $8.99). A Touch of Greek will follow shortly after that (also at $8.99).
    As soon as I publish Gabriel's story in December, I'll also get it ready in paperback.

    I'm also planning on publishing my 4 short stories as an Anthology on paperback soon, as well as Lawful Escort. I'll post the exact dates on my blog as soon as I know when everything will be available.