Sunday, August 15, 2010

Progress on Book number 3 in the Scanguards Vampires Series

Work will soon recommence on the 3rd book in the series.

I will be following Gabriel and his love interest. Gabriel, who's originally from New York where he runs operations at Scanguards headquarters, has decided to extend his stay in San Francisco to take care of a little problem. It's a sexual problem as you may have guessed already if you've read the other two books in the series. Enough said.

Unless I run into any unforeseen problems, a December 2010 release for Gabriel is in the cards.

I haven't settled on a title yet, but one suggestion is "Gabriel's Blood" to keep in line with the other titles in the series which use the first name of the hero.


  1. Sweet! I was just wondering about the title of the next book recently when I noticed the pattern of the first two books. I figured it would be Gabriel's something or other.

    Have you already planned who will be the focus of future books after Gabriel, or do you just wait to see which character jumps out at you and demands their story told?

  2. Thanks for asking, Michelle.

    The book after Gabriel will be Yvette, who's already appeared in Amaury's Hellion. I think she's suffered enough - first she had an affair with Amaury (long before the the start of Amaury's Hellion, of course), and then she was pining after Gabriel. She needs her own hero now.

    After that Zane will be the hero - and I anticipate his book to be quite dark. There is lots violence in him, but he needs to be redeemed.

    Thomas is also tugging on my heart strings - but his story will have to wait a little.

    Sometimes I wish I could write faster, because I want all those stories told. But generally I can only write 2 to 3 full length books a year.

  3. Yeah, there definitely seemed to be some history there between Yvette and Amaury. I like the idea of throwing in a female lead for one of the books.

    I was hoping you would say Zane. He seems very intriguing...intense and dark, but intriguing. Can't wait to see how you handle his story! :)

    Thomas...definitely. He's a fun character.

    2-3 books a years sounds pretty fast to me!! That's a book every 4-6 months.